As a brand that provides fast and stable web hosting / server hosting, professional engineers manage it in real time through 24/7 monitoring, and have been externally recognized for its stability and excellence. In addition, dothome's free hosting service, which has been continuously serviced since its inception, has been selected by over 8 million small business owners so far, and an average of more than 500 free hosting applications are being applied per day.


We handle various domains such as com, net, kr,

Manage new domain requests, extensions, and transfers.

Web hosting

Linux, WordPress, Unlimited, Free Hosting, etc.

We provide customized web hosting services for each situation.

Dothome builder

We provide hosting website builder that allows you to create a responsive website without coding.

Image hosting

A dedicated server that can use image links and

We provide an image builder that can create product detail pages.

Mail hosting

We provide a webmail service that allows you to use mail to your own domain address.

SSL certificate

We support the installation of an SSL security certificate that can protect your website safely by encrypting your personal information.