Management Planning Team

Management Planning - Management Planning

Systematically support management decisions to establish strategies to effectively achieve business goals and allocate optimal resources efficiently

Tax Administration - Tax, Office Administration

Support and manage tasks requested or required from within and outside the organization so that slip processing, tax system operation, and department members can perform their duties smoothly

Hosting Business Team

Platform service - IT System Management

In order to operate and manage the IT system stably and efficiently, we analyze various problems suggested through continuous inspection and monitoring of hardware and software, and take appropriate measures for preventive activities and problems.

Technical Support  - IT Technical Support

Based on an understanding of the environment of customer service target information systems or solutions, we have a professional technical support system, and perform and manage system installation, fault handling, system improvement, and regular inspections according to customer requests.

Corporate R&D Center

System Development - Application SW Engineering

Development and management of software and application programs that control and manage system resources in the operating system environment, and analysis and design, implementation, testing, and distribution of platform requirements

Platform Development - Application SW Engineering

The task of designing, implementing and testing the functions of software suitable for each task in a computer programming language, distributing it to users, improving product performance through version control, and improving services

Front Development - UI/UX Engineering

UI/UX design, real user research, user interface (UI) planning, UI architecture design, UI design, UI implementation, prototype verification, and guide production